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In conversation with some of our members, there is a shared interest in reading various books.
Some of our members have a keen interest in the history of our nation.

For reasons that one can only guess, some links have been shut down.
      When I am able, I will try to provide alternative means of getting that info.
          I do hope you will find this of interest.


From British Intelligence run amuck!
Some infighting among one of our old allies has cranked up a rare opportunity.
One of their intelligence services has a few cracks appearing.
Due to a season of discontent, we are able to get a few glimpses
of what was happening!



Another British spy master flips out He was ticked at US Operations


An American General ~ Was he wrongly convicted?

This story happened a long time ago.
It unfolds late in the Civil war. An enigma is ongoing.
There is the matter regarding 3 tons of Confederate gold still missing.

Union Brigadier General Minty, was wrongfully convicted in a court-martial during the war.
Some claimed bitterness ensued over this.
A number of amateurs and historians have tried to dismiss this story.

There is a good reason to believe that this story is real and the gold is waiting !
A death bed confession and some interesting points have come to light.

One point of interest is the fact that General Minty's ex - wife was seen after the war in Travis City, MI
The little lady was seen wearing a necklace displaying a sovereign Gold coin from the Confederacy.

But, this summer, it will play out in high drama. There is 3 tons of Gold missing.

The gold was thrown over board in Frankfort, MI to save the lives of the people on the ship.
If some one is successful in recovering the gold, The State of Michigan is prepared to pounce.

You spend the money & do the work. We get the gold.         I think this stinks !


From 2 Million to 126 Million dollars

The chaotic events wrapping up in the closing moments of the war led to hasty decisions.
Jefferson Davis and his compatriots traveled by train in their attempt to escape with the loot.
The tracks further down the line had been destroyed by General Sherman's troops.
Thus they were forced to move swiftly transferring their cargo to wagons.
On May 7, 1865, Confederate forces crossed the Dublin river.
The value of the Gold varies quite a bit according to which source is making the claim.

It is however, a rather tidy sum in the many millions.
Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy and party were apprehended on May 10, 1865.
It was by a Union Army outfit from West Michigan.

After the war, General Minty's first wife, Grace Ann Abbott, was apparently seen in Traverse City, MI
She was seen with a necklace made from a Confederate gold coin sovereign.

The coin necklace was real. It was most likely given to General Minty following Davis' capture.

Another Michigan connection. Members of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry about a month after the fall of Richmond were operating near Irwinville, GA

Years later, a deathbed confession in 1973 raised some flags.
A key player with his destination in mind: Upper Peninsula copper country, a region with known gold deposits.

Minty's brother-in-law, George Alexander Abbott, was the man who allegedly made the deathbed confession about the deal. There was a boxcar full of gold in Lake Michigan. He supposedly said this to a friend of Monroe's grandfather.     GOLD IN LAKE MICHIGAN



Several books on the Civil war have opened the doors to a unique perspective.

One such book is titled "The Secret War for the Union".

The book was written by a former WW II US Army intelligence officer.
He was given a civilian job after the war in one of the related agencies.

Years passed. In 1959, he was sent to retrieve documents from the national archives.
He discovered a room half full of top secret files on the Union and Confederate military intelligence agencies. It was a stunning revelation of Civil war activities hidden from the American people.

The book has a large section of photos that many were never before shown publicly.
There was embarrassment shared by both sides. Neither side was anxious to have this made public.
There is a unique connection to Dayton, OH that is revealed.

The book was years in the preparation. Eventually the files were "digitized" and made ready for publication. In late 1998, the work was compiled and published.

This book is a real eye opener into decisions made (good or bad) by the leaders of the various combatant forces. There is humor and tragedy, combined with grief and joy in these pages.
Google search for this book           Read part of it here

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This book is available at the Montgomery County Library branches.
It can be purchased at bookstores or online also.

For civil war history buffs, it is my opinion that you will find this quite an interesting book.
This next book goes into deep undercover operations by the Confederate forces hierarchy.
It is stunning in revelations due to who was actually running the overall operations.
Even more amazing is the money trail. There are large deposits of Confederate gold planted in different parts of the USA. If you wander into into an area where generations of families still guard this "loot", you could wind up missing! It would be ugly.

          One of these sites is the so called "Lost Dutchman's mine of Arizona".

The books title is "Rebel Gold"   Google search for this book           Read part of it here

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This book is available at the Montgomery County Library branches.
It can be purchased at bookstores or online also.

This book is an attention grabber. This is a unique twist in ongoing Civil war activities.


Union soldiers made a strange "kill" near Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1864
They brought down this flying critter with rifle fire.
I had heard stories of these things flying in Brazil, South America back in 1960.

The History channel ran video of an American pilot in New Guinea circa WW II.

He was ordered to get a grunt to carry his radio and batteries.
Their mission was to get to high ground and report on enemy positions.

As they were approaching an opening high up on the rugged terrain, something wasn't quite right.
At this opening over the valley before them was a monstrous creature just sitting there.

It had a very large head with a section rising up and backwards. The head turned slowly to the left.
The huge beak was filled with what appeared to be razor sharp teeth.
At that moment it began opening up enormous wings.
The "critter" was forcing all the vegetation around it to press downward.
This was from the flow of air coming down from it's wings.
The creature lurched forward and off the cliff. It was airborne on what appeared to be 36 feet wide wings!

The WW II pilot said he was saying out loud, "I just saw a pterodactyl".
They were supposed to have died out millions of years ago!

I personally know a fellow who has been a pilot on light cargo aircraft in New Guinea for more than 35 years.
He was reluctant to discuss this matter.
He said his wife flew with him many times on his airborne cargo runs.
He stated unequivocally that he had seen them many times.
He confirmed that they indeed do glow in the evening and into the night.
He surmises they are using this glow to draw fish up to the tops of the rivers.

He has watched from the vantage point of his cockpit.
This pilot observed as they rotate and descend close to the waters surface.
On the return pass, he thinks they are using the glow from their bodies to draw fish to the surface.
They, at that point, are grabbing fish to eat.
As the History channel pointed out, occasionally they indulge in a snack of a local farmer.

For some reason, there is an outbreak of hysteria among some academics.
They are unhappy with this knowledge being distributed publicly.
It doesn't jell with the message they wish to have "swallowed" by the public at large.

Here is a video of interest in this matter. "
You Tube video
This is an item of interest to many. Perhaps Academia has cleverly snookered us!


This last book was to me a real eye opener.
Technology discovered, invented by Nikola Tesla was marvelous.
Nikola tesla Wiki Biography He is the man who gave us alternating electricity that makes our lives very comfortable today. He was a genius who found technologies that could have major repercussions in future events. He died in 1943 in NYC, NY. The US Army pounced on everything he had and confiscated his works. Some of them were missing!

Beginning in 1920, the German government invested heavily in this man's research.
The research and development did not end with the war in Europe.

Lt. General Patton was seriously concerned with the ramifications of these developments. It was in his opinion in January 1945 that we could lose this war. He knew some of the things the Nazi government had succeeded in building. How much of his overall knowledge is only left to speculation.

Some things that were done was the development of devices that were breakthroughs in electronics.
One was a little thing that was for all practical purposes, a transistor. Another was integrated circuits. While these were important, they paled in contrast to the "heavy" developments that followed.

The man that ordered the execution of JFK was not President Johnson as many of us thought.
It appears that a good case in events unfolding are indicative of why the decisions were made.

There were interesting things going on in our "race" to the moon.

There were some individuals in this organization who had no background in rocketry.
But they were running a separate "show", even at White Sands, NM.

A lot of things that have been going on in our life times is suddenly making sense.
This book is not for the faint of heart!

The book has a tremendous amount of documentation, files declassified and others obtained by various means. It has the prisoner of war card for a man who was a heavy controller of things inside NASA. This guy had no real background in rocketry. But he was a "power broker" of sorts.

The title of the Book is   "The SS brotherhood and the Bell"
  Google search for this book           Read part of the book here

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This book is available at the Montgomery County Library branches.
It can be purchased at bookstores or online also.

Click on the book icon when the link opens to hear the audio interview.
Audio interview Part 1           Audio interview Part 2

This book is a real eye opener. History is not quite what we were taught.
These videos below show an aspect of military history new to most people
I would suggest that you make the video go full screen.
It makes the viewing easier and more enjoyable.

These mysteries may never be fully revealed to the public!

A Major in the Luftwaffe got an idea.
He figured out how to get accurate maps of North Africa

In 1970, I was riding in a train in Italy. The railroad car was not like any I had seen up to that point.

It was like a living room on wheels. Across from me was a guy sitting there relaxed.
He asked me where we were from (My ex wife and I). His English was very good.
He sounded as if he had come from Dayton, OH. I told him we came from Dayton, OH.
He said it was a small world wasn't it?
I knew, some how, this was going to be a good story. Every body has one if you think about it.

He said he lived the good life in Dayton after the conclusion of WW II

The story begins like this: Two US Army officers came to his house in Germany and spoke with him.
They wanted to verify if he was the fellow that they were trying find. They asked if he was Major so and so.
He replied that he was. They asked if he was responsible for the Luftwaffe air charts and navigation maps of North Africa. He said he was. They compared his signature with the signatures on the documents they were holding. He was then asked if he would like to come work for the US Government at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the USA.

He thought for a moment. Germany was in ruins from the war. This was opportunity knocking!

At this point, he went into detail with me about his idea that got him a cushy job at Wright Patt.

He was in the Luftwaffe, serving in the Afrika Corp. The Allies did not have accurate charts maps of the region. The Luftwaffe didn't either. That is, not until he got his idea.

He gathered materials together late one night. Bags of powdered white chalk, tape rules, stakes, hammers, flat blade shovels and a grunt. It was a probably a second lieutenant or a private.
They went over to a

They loaded their supplies into the short field take off and landing plane. Once the engine was started, they flew way out into the North African terrain.

When they arrived at his location of choice, they descended to begin putting his plan into action.
On the deck, they removed their cargo. They dug out a large plus sign on the desert floor. They put a stake into the center. Walking west with tape rule in hand, they went 100 meters (about 300 feet) and dug another plus sign. Carefully, they filled the two plus signs with the white powdered chalk.

They went back to the plane. They were trying to avoid getting a hernia as they moved the aircraft around by hand. The object in all of this was to avoid blowing the chalk dust out of the plus signs. They made sure the prop wash didn't undo their effort.

They flew back to the Luftwaffe base under cover of heavy darkness.

The following morning he requisitioned a twin engine bomber. He had a very large format camera installed into the bomb bay. He fired up the engines and took off, a man on a mission. Out into the North African wilderness he flew. The camera was a motorized unit that would make (registry) marks on the negative. When ever he pressed the camera button, it would take a large format photo of what was far far below.

Snapping the camera trigger would also make a registry mark on the side of the negative. He flew a very large checkerboard pattern. He kept a close eye on his wrist watch to make the timing coincide with his goals. Any uncharted roads, trails, water wells and places of human activity would be revealed buried in the details of these spy photos. We have here the man who established aerial reconnaissance into a new level of intelligence gathering.

He returned to the airbase. He gave the ground crew orders to remove the camera. Take the camera to the lab. When the film is processed, bring it to my office.

He said that he poured over the photos for hours until he found the two plus signs on the film.

Voila! He had his scale. Everything was fantastic in the kartographic operations. They had razor sharp accuracy in their maps of North Africa. We did not!
The man's idea got him a sweetheart deal at Wright Patterson AFB Dayton, OH after the war!

On another note of interest in this story:

Before WW II, Frigidaire had some refrigerators from the line that were flawed. It was not cost effective to repair them. They were not about to sell these. They cut a deal with a farmer from West Carrollton, OH
He had a lot of land near the Miami River. They paid him to dump these on his property.

As WW II broke out, the US Army paid this farmer to allow them to retieve these materials. They needed all the steel they could get for the war effort. The farmer came out quite well on the deal.

After the war was over, Frigidaire had some more refrigerators from the line that were flawed. They cut another deal with this farmer from West Carrollton, OH to resume their scrapping of product that failed to make the cut.

In the late fifties, I used to hang around the airport in Miami Shores. I was always interested in aircraft.

One day in the club house, one of the guys who flew out of that field showed something quite interesting. Here, laying before us was a huge USAF recon photo. It was the likes of nothing I had ever seen before.

It covered a distance from about Middletown, OH to the lower end of Dayton, OH.
This huge USAF recon photo, in my memory, appeared to be as long as a typical bed blanket and a half.

The group of fliers and I were astonished by the detail produced in this massive photo.

Some of these guys brought attention to the refrigerators on this West Carrollton farmers land.

With the naked eye, you could count every one of those refrigerators on this West Carrollton farmers land.

This photo had to have been made by a high altitude USAF recon aircraft.
Remember, this was back in the fifties!

I went to High School with that farmer's sons.
This location was close to the seaplane operations conducted by Orrville Wright.
Yes, the same guy who, with his brother Wilbur invented the airplane.

I am deeply perturbed by the dedication of some individuals who wish to hide our great American history!

This brings me back to the Luftwaffe Major and the account that he shared with me a long time ago.
Yes, in a far away land rich in history and stories that are amazing.

He accepted a job at Wright Patterson AFB Dayton, OH.
His specialty: Using his mind to see things that others did not.

Thus it was that he made quite a contribution to the American Military Intelligence Operations.
Oh yes! He did get paid quite handsomely for his services.

What has all of this got to do with a farmer from West Carrollton?
Just another piece of history that is well hidden from our knowledge.

It is quite rare when things like this make their way into our cocnsciousness.

When I was a kid living in Dayton in the late 40's and early fifties, these brutes ( B-36 bombers) would come to nest at Wright Patt AFB They came in low over South Park in a large squadron formation.

The noise was unbelievable. In the school I attended (made of stone) we had cast iron desks.
The vibration was unreal. Our books would scatter from our desk onto the floor.

These brutes were casting shadows over the graves of the Wright Brothers nearby in Woodland cemetery.

Variants of the B-36 were used for aerial reconnaissance.

This line of text is borrowed from the link above.

The standard RB-36D carried up to 23 cameras, primarily K-17C, K-22A, K-38, and K-40 cameras.
A special 240-inch focal length camera
(known as the Boston Camera after the university where it was designed)
was tested on 44-92088, the aircraft being redesignated ERB-36D.

The long focal length was achieved by using a two-mirror reflection system.

The camera was capable of resolving a golf ball at an altitude and side range of 45,000 feet (8.5 miles up)
That is a slant range of over 63,600 feet.

See the contact print of this test at the
National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB.

This camera is now with the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB


THE BERLIN CANDY BOMBER       A story that will warm your heart !      




US NAVY OPERATION HIGH JUMP       Video length: 1 Hour 14 Minute
      US NAVY expedition to Antarctica.
            Alleged Purpose:      Find new sources of metals, fuel & energy


           Caution: Film begins with Nazi propaganda
NOTE: This is a Russian film.The language is Russian
The sub titles are English.     If the sub titles go too fast for you, click on the screen.
This will pause the video while you read the subtitles.
       To resume the video, click on the screen.

ARTHUR GODFREY ( Lighter fare )

A little lighter fare with one of America's most loved personalities
This is a you tube film. Duration 48 minutes long.
Arthur Godfrey. Film was made in 1953


Did a woman pilot by the name of Hanna fly Hitler out of Berlin to a remote beach in Denmark?
Was this the point in which a motor launch delivered the guest to a waiting submarine?

Soviet intel claimed Hitler escaped on a very large U-boat.     LARGEST U BOAT EVER BUILT
The only thing operational fitting this description at that time was the U-234.
     Probably the only thing operational fitting this description at that time was the U-234.
          It was one of two largest U-BOATS ever built. The other was destoyed by action earlier.

While in Trondheim, Norway ( a huge U boat base ) the U-234's chief radio operator
was in constant communication with Hitler's bunker.

Why was the U-234's chief radio operator threatened 2 years after the war's conclusion?
The skipper of the U-234 personally contacted the former chief radio operator.
He told him his life would be terminated if he said anything more.
According to legend, he lived the rest of his days in fear.


This film is intriguing given many things that are floating in the ethereal mist of time.
          HUNTING HITLER THE COMPOUND           Scroll down to find more about this unique submarine U-234


        THIRD REICH NUCLEAR DETONATION     BALTIC ISLAND OF RUGEN Site of a Nuclear detonation in 1944 ?



    LUDWIGSLUS OVERVIEW MAP     These reports are interesting!

    More info is forth coming from a Luftwaffe Major.
    It was a breakthrough made by the Afrika Corp in different technology ! The US got to him first !

                He was flown to Wright Patt, AFB to continue his work.


SECRETS OF THE U-234     Cargo: Nuke bomb material for the Japanese Army.     Duration 55 minutes long.
    Film is in English. Well worth watching!     Cargo: Uranium was stored in Gold cylinders

    Japanese military was pressuring Nazi Germany for these supplies
        to use against America's troops in the Pacific !
    Japanese military was mining uranium in Korea during WW II
        Interviews with Crew members is quite interesting. All is done in English.
You can try an inter library loan at your local library.

U-234 had a unique advanced Radar system.
   It would run 1 full sweep and shut down.    The advanced Radar system had a memory.
   It permitted viewing of all targets after shut down.
   Targets indicated while it ran that single sweep  " could be viewed later! "

What was the hidden agenda behind this mission ?


The Type 21 submarine was a scary breakthrough in technology !

TYPE 21     TYPE 21 VIDEO In German but interesting.

They built more than 400 of these things.
      I seriously doubt that only 2 ever made it into operational service.
          President Harry Truman was taken down 600 feet in one of these in 1946 while President

I hope that you find these reports as interesting as I did !